What You Should Know About Biodiesel Benefits

Biodiesel benefits have continued to appear as interest in and development of biodiesel fuels has grown. Here are some of the advantages to using biodiesel fuel that we are just beginning to understand and appreciate.

First, biodiesel fuels have an almost unlimited resources base for production. While the creation of biodiesel may have begun with experiments into the use of corn and soybeans, today's technology goes far beyond that. We can use the virgin oils created by all sorts of different plants, many of which we use in our kitchens today. Yes that canola oil that you use to sauté and fry foods at home can be used as a base for manufacturing fuels that can run automobiles and trucks.

In fact, one is not limited just to virgin oils. Used vegetable based oils as well as sewage is being used to produce biodiesel these days. By adding in a process for refining and extracting contaminants, both sources become excellent base material for the production of biodiesel. This means that we can recycle even more of our waste products in such a way that both our society and our world can get greater benefit from them.

An unexpected perk of biodiesel has to do with its effect on such engine parts as the fuel injector and the fuel filter. Studies indicate that biodiesel has a way of flushing out contaminants that can lead to the failure of both these important engine pieces. This means that the engine will run more efficiently, and will not require the replacement of fuel injectors with the frequency that many people currently experience with petroleum based fuels. One note of interest is that when a vehicle is switched from petroleum based diesel fuel to biodiesel, it is recommended to replace the filter within six to eight hundred miles of the change. The reason is that the biodiesel fuel will even clean up injectors that have collected residue from the former fuel type and flush it right on through. After that initial filter change, you should see a marked increase in engine efficiency.

There are plenty of other reasons to get excited about biodiesel use. Why not spend some time researching the production of biodiesel and what it means for our future. You will find that the list of biodiesel benefits is already a long one, and growing every day.

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