Using a Propane Lantern

Getting back to nature is something many people enjoy. A camping trip can be great for an individual or a group. Of course, making sure you have the right gear is a must, if you want the trip to be successful. One of the items you want to be sure to carry is a propane lantern and plenty of fuel.

The principle behind a propane lantern is pretty simple. These lanterns have a mantle, which basically functions the way a wick does in an oil lamp. The mantle is created with several trace metals in the weave, most notably yttrium. By exposing the mantle to propane vapor, it becomes possible to light the mantle with a match. As the mantle begins to burn slowly, it gives off a bright, slightly yellowish glow that can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the mantle's exposure to the propane vapor. Just about all of these lanterns do have several settings so that the brightness of the light can be adjusted.

Fuel for the lanterns normally comes in cylinders that can be screwed into the lantern, just under the mantle. This makes it relatively safe to carry extra fuel for your propane lantern. Because there is nothing that has to be poured from one container to another, there are no chances of spilling fuel over your other camping equipment.

In addition, the propane lantern is made in single and double mantle models, which also can come in handy if your camping trip is going to last more than a day or two. While the models with double mantels are slightly more expensive, they do tend to cast a higher quality of light than the single mantle models.

Remember that a propane lantern should be used outside only. That includes using the lantern in any enclosed space, such as a tent. While there is no chance of spilling fuel from the lantern, it is possible for it to overheat and ignite something in the enclosed space.

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