The Propane Smoker and Alternative Methods of Cooking

Smoked meat just tastes phenomenal. Smoked meat has a unique taste that can not be adequately achieved by any other means. Sure, there are a hundred million different ways to cook chicken, fish and meat, but smoked meat has a unique quality about it.

The reason it is unique is that the means of smoking meat require a variation of a smoke house. Now, no one is going to erect something the size of a garage on their property to smoke meat and it is no longer necessary to have huge smoke house in order to smoke meat.

There are many miniature smoking devices that will smoke meat effectively. One of the more popular methods of mini-smoke house is a propane smoker. Propane has become one of the more popular methods of igniting barbecue grills, so it is not surprising that a propane smoker has become the dominant method of mini-smoker on the market.

A propane smoker can come in a number of forms. Top brands include Weber, Northern, and Lynx. And prices generally range from $50 to $1999. A smaller propane smoker usually comes with few accessories, is the size of a toaster, and can be placed on a kitchen counter. In contrast, a larger smoker usually has to be used outdoors; and is almost always the size of a large grill.

Also, learning how to smoke meat is not all that difficult to learn. While one can not learn to smoke meat overnight, one can learn how to do it in a relatively short period of time. The preponderance of smoked meat cookbooks is a testament to the growing popularity of 'smoking' among novice cooks.

Purchase a propane smoker and get moving with providing your family with the joys of cooked meat as soon as possible.

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