Maintaining Your Natural Gas Furnace

As the proud owner of a natural gas furnace, you are very much aware of the many advantages your system has over other types of heating systems. As an example, you already know that a natural gas furnace is the perfect fit for a homeowner who wants a heating alternative that is clean, reliable, and cost-effective. When it comes to energy consumption, the fact that a natural gas furnace uses much less energy in producing heat for your home was one of the main reasons you decided to go with gas heat.

Now that your unit is installed, it is important that your natural gas furnace is maintained properly. Here's a few tips to help you keep your unit in top condition, and get the most heat production for many years to come.

First, it is very important to make sure you replace the air filter on the unit at no less than every two months. If you live in a climate where you run the furnace for a large chunk of the year, try to change the air filter once a month. Filters that are clogged will reduce the airflow, putting a greater strain on the unit to produce heat. Greater strain leads to a larger consumption of energy and higher heating bills. Replacing the air filters will more than pay for the cost of the filters over the course of a year.

Make sure there is not anything blocking the airflow around heating ducts or hot air registers. Anything that forces your natural gas furnace to have to work harder to process the air needed will also lead to higher heating bills. Move furniture and other impediments away from any of the ducts.

One last hint is to never use duct tape to seal off the seams of your furnace ductwork. Use aluminum foil tape instead. Duct tape will dry to a brittle mess and not provide the seal you need to maintain top efficiency. While costing a few more dollars, the aluminum foil tape will hold up much better and last for quite some time.

Taking time to maintain your natural gas furnace will provide you with a toasty warm home in the coldest of weather while still keeping your heating bills within reason.

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