How to Turn Your Typical Boat into a Biodiesel Boat

Back in January of this year, a man by the name of Peter Bethune took the world of boating to a whole new level with his "homemade" biodiesel boat. To many onlookers in Seattle, it was an absolutely amazing sight to see this radically shaped boat simply cut through the waves at incredibly high speeds.

People came from around the world to marvel at this impressive watercraft and to ask the designer how he was able to create such an amazing machine. His response was that he did not have to change a thing on the engines - they were stock. All he did was create a streamlined hull that would be stable at very high speeds.

The fact that you can run biodiesel in any existing diesel engine is what really sets it apart from other potential alternative fuels. There is no need to do any work to the engine in any way whatsoever. Just pour the biodiesel in right where you would add normal diesel and be on your way, making it a huge benefit for most people with boats, as a large percentage of boats currently use diesel fuel.

So how can you turn your own boat into a boat powered by biodiesel? Simple. Next time you pull up to the pump, see if your local gas station offers biodiesel fuel as an alternative to common diesel fuel. If he does, then all you have to do is fill up the tank. Do not mind that you already have unused regular diesel fuel in there, as the two types of fuel work harmoniously together and your engine will never be able to tell the difference. In no time you will have a biodiesel boat that is immensely powerful, clean burning, and puts out a less noxious odor than it did when it was powered by traditional diesel fuel.

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