Cook Your Barbecue to Perfection with a Propane Smoker

Many of the top barbecuing experts from across America all agree that a smoker is one of the absolute best ways to cook meat. From ribs to steaks to chicken and even vegetables, a smoker is capable of handling nearly anything you throw into it. Available in larger sizes for giant cook offs or as a smaller size designed for home use, you can purchase a smoker for just about any purpose.

For many years, professional barbecue connoisseurs would have told you that you cannot possibly cook a decent meal with the use of "inferior" products like propane. If you were not using charcoal, to them you simply were not barbecuing. However, as people look for cleaner burning alternatives to charcoal which are able to much more easily keep the heat spread around evenly, more and more people - including long time professionals, are making the transition to propane.

Nowhere is this change more apparent than in the propane smoker section of a barbecue retailer. Now you can see a huge selection of propane smoker options laid out in front of you when you head into the store. Where once there were simply no products, now you can find nearly hundreds.

The propane smoker is incredibly similar to a traditional smoker in all ways except for the source from where it gets its heat. With a traditional smoker, the heat was generated by the burning charcoal in the belly of the beast. However, with a propane smoker, the heat comes from igniting the propane as it spills into the smoker from a portable tank mounted on the side of the grill.

If you are looking for that classic barbecued taste with a propane smoker and you have decided not to use a traditional barbecue sauce, then you can always throw in a hefty amount of smoky wood chips while you are cooking your meal. Burning these chips, even with a gas as clean burning as propane will create a smoke that will make your meat mouth-wateringly tasty.

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