Conserve Natural Gas and Electricity with a Propane Pool Heater

If you own a pool, you can certainly attest to how expensive it is to keep that pool heated. In the summer time it is certainly no problem, as you can simply slip the solar cover right on top of the water. The sun's rays will do all of the work for you and keep the pool nice and toasty. However, in the winter time, if you are looking for a nice warm place to take a dip, oftentimes a solar cover is not going to cut it.

Furthermore, if you have your pool placed inside of a room like a greenhouse or large gazebo, a solar cover will simply not work, as many covers require direct sunlight for them to be fully effective. Therefore, in order to heat your pool you will have to use either gas or electricity. Without a doubt, however, if you need to keep your pool warm, a propane pool heater is the undeniable best way to go, as it offers all of the heat giving power of natural gas or electricity at a much lower cost.

As far as a propane pool heater goes, you may have to do a little extra work during the year to keep everything running smoothly. Generally you can select from a variety of sizes of propane tank to use with your propane pool heater, however, if you order a larger tank you put yourself at risk of having a gigantic eyesore mounted in the back of your home.

To combat this, you may think that ordering a smaller tank for your propane pool heater would be a much better alternative, however with a smaller tank you will have to replace or refill it much more often. Even though propane is relatively cheap, in the coldest months of the year, it may be a real pain for you to have to drive, with tank in hand, to the nearest propane dealer so you can get a refill. Nevertheless, this slight drawback should not be a deciding factor to whether or not you decide to use a propane pool heater for year round swimming enjoyment.

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