Biodiesel Production - What Do You Use?

When it comes to biodiesel production, one of the first questions asked by the curious is what can be used to make biodiesel fuels. The fact is there are several different that can be used as the basis for biodiesel, all of which are in plentiful supply and are considered to be ongoing renewable substances. Here are some examples of the substance, of feedstocks, that are used in the making of biodiesel fuel.

Perhaps the most common foundational element for the production of biodiesel fuel comes from unused oils of various kinds. All of these oils are derived from plants, which provides an unlimited source for producing natural fuels to offset our dwindling fossil fuel resources. Soybean oils are often used, but soybeans are by no means the only plant substance that can yield oil that can be used to make fuel. Mustard, flaxseed and sunflower oils are all perfectly workable with today's biodiesel technology. You can also use oils derived from hemp and algae to make biodiesel fuel.

Along with virgin oil sources, there is also the ability to take oils that have been used and refine them for the production of biodiesel fuel. Referred to as waste vegetable oils, there is a refining process that strips the used oils of contaminants. Restored to a state where they can basically be processed in the same manner as fresh plant oils, this is one process that allows us to harness something that before now has been seen as totally useless.

Speaking of recycling used materials, there is now a process in which sewage can be refined and used as a substrate for algae production. This helps to speed up the development of algae to the point it can be harvested and used to make biodiesel fuels. This particular resource is obviously one that will be with us as long as humanity is around to need fuels.

Animal fats such as tallow and lard are also sources of the raw materials needed to produce biodiesel fuel. Again, the fact that we can cultivate these sources and ensure an ongoing supply means we will never run out of base substances that help us produce the biodiesel fuel.

While the actual process used to create biodiesel fuel may vary somewhat depending on the base product used, continuing technological develops ensure us that biodiesel production is something that will ultimately offer our world a chance to wean our dependence on fossil fuels and still enjoy the quality of life that so many of us have come to expect.

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