Are Biodiesel Conversion Kits Really Necessary?

In a world that is looking for all kinds of other options as we begin to drift away from gasoline powered cars, biodiesel conversion kits are starting to fly off the shelves of auto parts shops. But are these conversion kits really necessary? Do you actually need one if you want to run your car, truck or boat on biodiesel? Are conversion kits any help if you want to get extra mileage out of your existing diesel automobile?

Unfortunately for all of the consumers who went out and purchased themselves a nice, shiny, new biodiesel kit for converting the organic fuel for use in a diesel engine - the kits are totally unnecessary. Any engine that can run with regular diesel fuel is already designed to operate perfectly with biodiesel fuel. After all, when it comes down to the lubrication properties and basic structure of the two types of fuel - there really is no difference.

Now, if you have an older car or truck that runs on diesel fuel, you may believe that you have to buy a conversion kit. This is also not the case, as even most older engines can run biodiesel without a problem at all. You may have to replace some of the rubber parts in an older engine, as biodiesel can degrade those pieces, but all in all, every engine that can use regular diesel can also use biodiesel.

So, what are conversion kits useful then? They are perfect for people who want to start running straight vegetable oil in your diesel engine instead of biodiesel. You need a conversion kit in order to add vegetable oil into your engine and have it work as diesel would. So, if you are planning on operating your diesel powered vehicle with regular diesel or biodiesel - go right ahead. Otherwise, if you would rather use vegetable oil instead, then you will need one of the biodiesel conversion kits that are currently on the market.

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