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What You Need to Know About Biodiesel Fuels

If you are the kind of person who would go to all lengths in order to ensure the health and safety of our planet, you may want to think twice about purchasing that hybrid and instead select a vehicle that runs on biodiesel fuels. While hybrid vehicles like the Prius are all well and good, and do get a fantastic amount of mileage, they are far inferior to vehicles that run on biodiesel when you consider their impact on the environment.

Hybrids, you see, still require petroleum based products like gasoline and oil in order to run - so they still produce quite a few pollutants. And that is not even taking into account the toxicity of the battery and the large amounts of electromagnetic radiation produced by a hybrid, both of which are factors associated with its electric motors.

Cars and trucks that run on biodiesel oils and fuels on the other hand are almost totally clean burning because they use natural materials as a substitute for highly refined petroleum based substances. While a hybrid is busy getting sixty or seventy miles per gallon, an automobile using a biodiesel will produce as much as sixty percent less pollutants over practically the same distance. As you can see, biodiesel is a much cleaner burning fuel.

One of the truly amazing factors about biodiesel is that it can be made from practically anything. While most biological fuels in America are made from oil feedstock, companies have also successfully shown that they can produce biodiesel from waste vegetable oil, animal fats, treated sewage, and practically even from thin air. This means that biodiesel can potentially be extremely cheap over the long term because there are so many sources for production. Finally, any car, truck or boat with a diesel engine can run on biodiesel fuels automatically - there are no additional parts that you have to purchase for your vehicle, making it a cheap and effective solution for those who want to protect the environment.

Biodiesel Production - What Do You Use?

When it comes to biodiesel production, one of the first questions asked by the curious is what can be used to make biodiesel fuels. The fact is there are several different that can be used as the basis for biodiesel, all of which are in plentiful supply and are considered to be ongoing renewable substances. Here are some examples of the substance, of feedstocks, that are used in the making of biodiesel fuel. ...read more >>

Using a Propane Lantern

Getting back to nature is something many people enjoy. A camping trip can be great for an individual or a group. Of course, making sure you have the right gear is a must, if you want the trip to be successful. One of the items you want to be sure to carry is a propane lantern and plenty of fuel. ...read more >>

What Needs to Happen before Biodiesel Cars will Take Off in America?

Let's face it - when it comes to biodiesel cars, America has been traditionally left behind. Perhaps it is a product of our consistently low gasoline prices, or maybe it is because American car designers have no idea what they are doing when they make a new diesel engine. ...read more >>

Cook Your Barbecue to Perfection with a Propane Smoker

Many of the top barbecuing experts from across America all agree that a smoker is one of the absolute best ways to cook meat. From ribs to steaks to chicken and even vegetables, a smoker is capable of handling nearly anything you throw into it. Available in larger sizes for giant cook offs or as a smaller size designed for home use, you can purchase a smoker for just about any purpose. ...read more >>

For Camping or Home Use, a Portable Propane Generator Can Supply You With Power Wherever You Need it Most

Whether you live in the middle of a rural area or if you are a big fan of camping, you know that taking gear with you that requires more electricity than a battery can provide is a real problem. Electronics need that continuous flow of electrons which we take for granted in our homes and apartments in the cities and suburbs of America. ...read more >>

Natural Gas Generator Back-Up Plan

You're almost finished with the book. It is probably the best murder mystery you have ever read. It is the most page turning of page turners that you ever spent twenty-seven dollars for. And you never even buy hardcovers, but this book came with the newspaper reviewer's highest rating. It looks like the finale to the mystery is...Hey! Wait a minute! What happened to the lights? ...read more >>

Perfect for Camping, a Propane Lantern Allows You to Stay Up After the Sun has Set

Camping is a great pastime that people from all walks of life can enjoy. You can camp with your family or friends, or if you are daring, you can head out to a campsite by yourself. Furthermore, you can head out on a long hiking path and, instead of turning back after you have been walking for half of a day, simply continue on your trek and camp out in the wilderness for the night. ...read more >>

A Propane Refrigerator Keeps Your Groceries Cool without Electricity

Today's world is highly energy conscious and eco-friendly, and if you want to keep up with everyone in America who is switching over to energy efficient appliances, then you need something like a propane refrigerator. While most people consider propane as a product which is only used for cooking meats as you would while using a propane grill, or as a liquid or gas that is perfect for heating a home with products like a propane heater, propane can also be used for the exact opposite purpose - to cool. A propane refrigerator is perfect if your home is already powered by a supply of propane gas via a tank in your front or backyard or if you are trying to make an honest attempt at conserving as much electricity as you possibly can. Available in all of the popular colors of classic refrigerators, you can purchase a propane refrigerator or a propane freezer or a combined unit for easy use. ...read more >>

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